Split Drum Vibratory Roller
Model 120V

The Model 120V features pressurized, removable spray tips along with a 3600 VPM vibrating rear drum system. With up to 7 mph forward and reverse functionality, you can get more done than ever.

equipment features


Pressurized / removable spray tips

3600 VPM vibrating rear drum system

Up to 7 mph forward and reverse

20 hp water-cooled Kubota diesel engine


Length: 88"

Width: 42"


Shipping Weight: 2400 lbs

Operating Weight: 2900 lbs

Fluid Capacities:

Fuel:5 US Gallons

Hydraulic: 5 US Gallons

Vibratory System:

3600 VPM Rear Drum

2000 lb Compactive Weight

Water System:

42 Gallon Molded Plastic Tank

Pressurized / Removable Spray Tips

3 On Front Drum

4 On Rear Drum

Travel Speed:

0-7 MPH Forward

0-7 MPH Reverse


Front drum power steering

30° left or right from center

Split Front Drum:

2-20" Diameter Drums 15" Wide

Front Roll Width 30"

Rear Drum:

24" diameter X 38" wide

Drive System:

Piston Pump

Direct drive / Internal Brake


20 hp - D722 Kubota T4F, water-cooled diesel

Drum Scrapers:


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View photos of the Model 120V Split Drum Vibratory Roller available at Basic Equipment in Eatonton, GA.