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BASIC Equipment located in Eatonton, GA, core business is the design and manufacture of Simple, Reliable and Affordable equipment for the asphalt paving and construction industries.

From Traffic Rollers, Mini Graders, and Compactors, to Rubber Tire Rollers, Steel Drum Rollers, and Vibratory Rollers... we offer an extensive line of top-quality equipment to get your job done quickly, and effeciently.

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Basic Equipment

BASIC Equipment strives to offer Simple, Reliable and Affordable equipment to “get the job done” and meet the needs of the asphalt paving and construction industry nationwide.

Basic Equipment

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What We Specialize In

As stated before, Basic Equipment specializes in providing equipment for the construction and asphalt paving industries. We manufacture a pneumatic asphalt roller, split drum vibratory rollers and articulating motor graders. We carry only top-quality equipment from verified and trusted brands. Puckett Brothers, Leeboy, and more.

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The design of our equipment is intended to help the paving and construction industry increase efficiency in asphalt paving, rolling asphalt and grading. The quality of your work depends on the quality of your equipment and that is something BASIC Equipment understands. Get the most of your workday with superior and simplistic equipment manufactured by BASIC Equipment.

Equipment that gets the job done.

Get more for your business by investing in Simple, Reliable and Affordable asphalt paving and grading equipment manufactured by BASIC Equipment. For questions regarding our equipment, call our team today at (706) 484-2253. Our services are available NATIONWIDE! --- We offer a large selection of equipment ranging from Traffic Rollers, Rubber Tire Rollers, Steel Drum Rollers, Mini Graders, Vibratory Rollers, Compactors, Rubber Tire Compactors, and Mauldin Rollers. Contact us today for any specific questions about equipment.

Model 700
Pneumatic Asphalt Roller

This 7 wheel design creates greater compaction than conventional 9 wheel machines, because weight is dispersed between fewer tires allowing for ease of travel.

Model 120v
Split Drum Vibratory Roller

The model 120 features pressurized, removable spray tips along with a 3600 VPM vibrating rear drum system. With up to 7mph forward and reverse functionality, you can get more done than ever.

Model 240V
Split Drum Vibratory Roller

Our Model 240V features a pressurized water system, 3000 VPM vibrating system, upt o 7mph forward and reverse and a 35 HP water-cooled 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine.

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